With regard to the transportation of goods, we often face confusion to choose air or sea mode. In fact, these two types of transportation have their own characteristics, and both need to be associated with the land transportation mode. In transportation, we can study and understand their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages firstly, and then choose the appropriate transportation mode according to our actual requirements.


Let's take a look at the characteristics of air transport:

The characteristics of air cargo are:

(1) fast transportation speed;

(2) low damage rate and safety;

(3) large space span;

(4) saving related expenses of production enterprises;

(5) high freight rate;

(6) The load is limited;

(7) It is susceptible to weather.

In general, air transportation is fast and efficient, but the unit transportation cost is high and it is greatly affected by natural conditions.


On the other hand, let's take a look at the characteristics of the ocean freight:

(1) The larger volume ;

(2) Low shipping costs;

(3) can extend in all directions;

(4) slow speed;

(5) The navigation risk is high and the sailing date is not easy to be accurate;

(6) It is greatly affected by natural conditions (such as waters, ports, water levels, and climate).


It can be seen that sea transportation also has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect transportation method. What suits you is the best. Hope that we would not entangle the transportation method in the future.