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The U.S. Department of transportation said that because China has agreed to allow American Airlines to double the number of flights to China, to eight return flights a week, the United States will allow China Airlines to double its U.S. flights, which are also eight round-trip flights a week.

United Airlines said on the 18th that it would increase its weekly flights from San Francisco to Shanghai to four from September 4, the report said. Delta is also eligible to increase the number of flights to and from China to four, according to the U.S. Department of transportation.

The U.S. Department of transportation also said the U.S. government still hopes that China will agree to resume all U.S. flight rights under its bilateral air traffic agreement, adding that the United States will respond in the same way as China allows more flights. The agreement allows the two countries to operate more than 100 flights a week between the two countries.

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