Key words: air transport mode, direct flight, transit, charter flight, DG, COVID-19, air transport logistics solutions.

As for the air transport mode, each cargo owner needs to choose the appropriate air transport mode according to the characteristics of their own cargo and the environment of the port of departure and the port of destination. Of course, you can also give this problem to the freight forwarder to help you complete the air transport:

1. Direct flight refers to taking off from the airport of departure and flying directly to the airport of destination. This model is usually applicable to very urgent or high value goods.

2. The transfer flight mode is that when the goods arrive at the transfer airport, they will unload the goods and load them on the plane of another flight. There is one transfer, and there are many transfers until the final destination. For example, Hong Kong to Warsaw, Poland, HKG-DXB-VIE-WAW.

3. Consol shipment, Airlines stipulate the minimum weight requirements for each shipmentand make different cost levels, such as + 45kg, + 100kg, + 500kg, + 1000kg, and give freight forwarders different discount rates. The freight forwarder can get the corresponding rate discount of the airline by assembling multiple small cargoes into one large cargo and booking space for shipment to the airline, which is combined into one MAWB, and the freight forwarder will also share the airline discount with the customer to achieve "win-win".

4. Chartered, Air Charter refers to the air transport mode in which the charterer (usually the cargo owner or air freight agent) leases the whole aircraft to the airline or charter agent company and loads the goods from one airport to the scheduled destination airport when the cargo volume is large. The general rate of charter transportation is relatively low, but it is not as convenient and frequent as the commecial flight, and the application procedures is also complicated. Chartered Air Transport is suitable for the transportation of large quantities of goods, especially during the outbreak of the epidemic, the frequency of domestic flights is greatly reduced, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials in foreign countries is very large. In this case, chartered Air Service will greatly solve the transportation problem of large quantities of goods, so that COVID-19 goods can be continuously delivered to foreign customers.

Since March this year, Airsupply international logistics has successfully shipped a large number of COVID-19 goods, general cargoes and DG goods, such as masks, hand sanitizers, Electronic thermometer , scooter , etc. Airsupply international logistics adheres to the win-win concept of "grow and develop together with customers", and always customizes the best air transport solutions for customers according to their needs.