Author: Helen Li from Airsupply Shenzhen, who focus on air shipment from China to Europ, US and Austrila

The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in Australia continues to rise, and the demand for Covid-19 goods will be increased. In addition, due to the epidemic, people will seldom go out for exercise, the intelligent fitness equipments will become a good choice for sports. In order to keep a distance, people will choose to use bicycles instead of bus or taxi, so the demand of bicycles will be increased dramatically.

Airsupply is the right company that can provide safe, worry free and fast export service both by sea and by air. Airsupply can provide you with One-Stop Service for China's export to Australia. You only need to find our Airsupply, and then tell us the delivery time, the details of the goods (such as the name of the comodity. Covid-19 goods like masks, hand sanitizers, gloves ; General cargos like bicycles, intelligent fitness equipments ) and the ETA schedule requirement for when need make delivery to consignee. Airsupply will provide you the One-Stop Service with pick-up, export declaration, air/sea transportation, Import customs clearance at Australia, and delivery.