When we get new orders from clients for international air shipment, we as forwarder always need ask clients to provide AWB instruction. Many clients only know that they have provided the booking form, and they think it is OK to issue the air waybill according to booking. Of course, through the communication with customers, we can easily know that what customers need is DAWB. However, according to the request by clients, Air waybill can be made by two kinds, DAWB and consol waybill. Then what is DAWB and consol waybill?

DAWB is direct air waybill, in which, all details are come from the information from booking form which usually provided by shipper. The shipper and consignee will be the actual receiver or consignor. After the goods arrive at the port of destination, Terminal will provide the arrival notice to the notify party, and the consignee can pickup the goods from terminal with the DAWB and their company stamp.

For a set of consol waybill, there will be a master waybill, a house waybill and a manifest. The house waybill will show the actual receiver, consignor and the actual description of the goods according to the booking provided by shipper.  But the shipper and consignee on master waybill will be freight forwarders, and we won’t show the actual description of products on master waybill. The manifest is a summary statement of the house waybill and master waybill.

 If you want to know why need to issue consol waybill? Which port of destinations only accept DAWB? For more related knowledge, Welcome to contact Helen at any time.