Key words: customs declaration, export authority,tax refund

The main difference between customs declaration and buy export declaration is that the enterprises has export authority or not, need tax refund or not.

The enterprises and factories who have export rights could apply customs declaration by providing a complete set of customs declaration documents to the forwarder or customs broker. And they can apply for tax refund after shipping out the cargo.

The enterprise without export rights who want to export the cargo, they do customs declaration by using others' documents who has export authority is called buy export declaration. They will need pay some money on it, and can not enjoy tax refund.

There is another export declaration method : express deport. It is mainly for the goods that take off from Hong Kong. Whatever the supplier have the right to export or not,if they do not require tax refund, the forwarder can take carpooling to deport by using the packing list from supplier.

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