Keywords: motor, dangerous goods, magnetic
Generally speaking, motors and engines can be normally transported by air if they are not magnetic or have very small magnetic properties. However, if they are exported from mainland China, airlines normally require magnetic inspection. If they exceed the magnetic range required by airlines, they will be rejected as dangerous goods. Are you still worried about your goods being rejected by the shipping company?

Pls come to us, Airsupply International Logistics as an air freight logistics experts is the features of dangerous goods logistics transportation services, is committed to providing customers with service supply chain integration of logistics companies, professional to provide customers with the transportation of dangerous goods (such as engine motor/super power battery/liquid dangerous goods), large pieces of cargo transport (long, large, overweight, etc.), sensitive cargo transportation (powder, ink, alcohol, masks, balanced cars, electric cars, hand sanitizer, etc.).
Airsupply International Logistics obtained the professional qualification of dangerous goods transportation in 2016, and the Hong Kong branch set up an operation team specializing in dangerous goods transportation. In the past five years, no any operation accident on the dangerous transportation.
Taking HongKong and Shenzhen as center, Airsupply International Logistics has formed the logistics network distributing all over the word, which ensures accurate, efficient and safe "door to port", "port to port" and "door to door" transport services for customers.
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