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Customs clearance & brokerage service

What is the definition of customs clearance ?

Customs clearance refers to the procedures that should be performed in accordance with various laws and regulations when importing and exporting or transshipping goods to/from the customs territory of a country. The owner or declarer of the goods can only take delivery of the goods after they have fulfilled their obligations and the procedures such as customs declaration, inspection, taxation and release, etc. Similarly, various conveyance for importing, exporting or transshipping goods must be reported to the customs, process customs formalities and permitted upon entry, exit or in transit. Goods are under the supervision of the customs and are not allowed to move while they are processing customs clearance regardless they are import, export or transshipment.

Why choose us for customs clearance & brokerage service?

Since we have our own customs clearance brokerage company, so we provide international custom brokerage services that helps individuals and organizations with their shipment and cargo delivery across the country borders. We can help customer handle various of hassle from clearance and brokerage. Besides, we have competitive fees to offer you best clearance & brokerage services, trust us!

What you can get from our clearance and brokerage services?

ㆍWe have own customs clearance and brokerage company.
ㆍA team with professional project operations for many years.
ㆍWide coverage with seamless connection service within China
ㆍHandles any kind of difficult clearance and DG goods