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Ship items to Amazon FBA

Why choose us for shipping to amazon FBA service from china?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is an e-commerce service in which sellers store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and the e-commerce giant picks, sorts, packs, ships, tracks and handles returns and refunds for these products.
FBA logistics can provide door-to-door service for almost all amazon FBA warehouses. For FBA warehouses throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Canada, we offer exclusive development routes to amazon sellers, with economical and fast service options for customers.
Both FCL and LCL are the strength of our company, and we can customize personalized services according to customers' own needs. Each customer would be followed up by an account manager to ensure a specialized processing, not mixed cargo, and smooth clearance speed. In addition, the company also cooperates with Amazon’s designated trailers to ensure cost-effective delivery services. We provide different modes of transportation (sea/air/express courier) direct to FBA warehouses.

What you can get from our shipping products to amazon FBA service?

ㆍSelf-managed & integration of resources. (airfreight & distribution)
ㆍUse local courier delivery to Amazon warehouse, no need reservation, time effective.
ㆍSelf-owned warehouse.
ㆍX-ray inspection system.
ㆍCost effective and competitive.
ㆍExperienced operating team with more than 5 years of experience.