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Warehousing and distribution services

what is warehousing? Warehousing refers to the action or process of storing goods, custody and any kind of activities in relationship of warehouse. It is come into being from the production and is expanded by the growth of production. Warehousing is one of the most important links in commodity circulation, and it is also an important pillar of logistics activities. We are one of the best fright forwarders in China, offer professional warehousing and distribution services for both companies and individual.

Warehousing is the temporary storage of products and articles due to order placement or market forecasting during product production and distribution. It is a comprehensive place that reflects the activity of factory materials and is a transit station that connects production, supply, and sales. It plays an important supporting role in promoting production efficiency. At the same time, revolve the warehousing entity activities, accurate reports, invoicing, accounting information is also carried out. So warehousing is a combination of logistics, information flow, and document flow.

Why choose our warehousing and distribution services?

ㆍWe have own a warehouse of over 3000 square meters to accommodate big volume of cargo, so we have enough space to place your goods.
ㆍWe are good at DG cargo handling, offer reliable warehousing and distribution services
ㆍWe have reliable 24-hour on-site staff on duty and full time CCTV to monitor cargoes to guarantee goods’ safety.