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Our vast and in-depth knowledge of Chinese transport regulations affecting hazard classification, packaging, marking labeling and documentation allows us to help your dangerous goods package get where it needs to be, We handle DG shipments, including lithium batteries, Scooter, drones,e-cigarette, lighter, insecticide, glue, detergent. etc.(Class 2/3/4/5/6/8/9)

Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper) in Foreign-Country to know OUR Export -Laws

What are dangerous goods?

Delivery of Dangerous Goods

FreightBest with more than 10 years of experience in dangerous goods air freight from China, we wholeheartedly provide our customers with professional air freight logistics solutions! , we have occupied a considerable proportion in Hong Kong Airfreight Airport, Tianjin and Beijing dangerous goods air freight markets.We have our own DG license, warehouse and fleet transport one-stop service, with 24-hour monitoring, 24-hour customer service feedback information at any time.

Scope of Service

    1.1 With battery(power bank)
    1.2 With magnet (needs magnet test include...)
    1.3 Audio accessory and equipment(drone...)

Freight Requirements

    1.1 MSDS
    1.2 GUARANTEE LETTER(if with battery, or with magnet)

What Customers Say About FreightBest.com

乐雾 Says:

“Products such as electronic cigarettes are restricted to export in China. Freight had always been our headache. After cooperating with FREIGHTBEST, we can feel safe tolet FREIGHTBEST handle the freight issue for us, which has saved a lot of time. The efficiency of this professional team has really impressed me. FREIGHTBEST has really

Henkel Says:

“Goods such as Segwayhave large quantities which require fora lot of freight space and service requirements. Many times, it’s really a headache for us to arrange air freight. Thanks to FREIHGTBEST, their ability of solving the issue of freight space is really great. ”

宏达 says:

“I have cooperated with many companies that doing the business of dangerous goods freight in China. After comparison, I found that it is most comfortable to cooperate with FREIGHTBEST. I can feel that they have rich experience, mature team, simple operation process, and timely feedback, so now I am used to cooperating with them.”

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