A Letter From freightbest.com

To : Dear Freightbest Users:

         We are a logistics company from China Small and ordinary, But it can’t hold back us having a “American Dream” and bringing you a "different & special" logistics service.

       Firstly, we already have had the awareness before breaking into US market ,it is that if want to survive in US market , we must provide better service and more competitive price .1, Whenever clients ‘s cargoes encounter problems, nether it’s  in late night or we are on vocation, we will come back to work place immediately and resolve the problems at first time. We always face up the problems rather than evading them, and will try the best to guarantee  client’s cargoes are smooth and safe.2, We will abide by our norms strictly, only get the benefit that should be earned, will not overstate the price to the new clients, will keep the price consistent, transparent and fair, this will reflect the value in the long-term cooperation.

       On the other hand, our price is probably not the cheapest in market. That’s because we will not balance in other ways, such as  fictitious price of light goods, false report of dangerous goods , "We will not gamble on clients cargoes".

       In the meantime, though we are small, but we are not new, we are growing up rapidly, and have recruited many experienced experts. They have a average of 8 years experience in logistics field. We have a vast and in-depth knowledge of China's import and export policy, that enables us to maximize our clients’ savings when importing to the United States. Furthermore, we also can take advantage of arranging shipment in HongKong to build up our airline of Sino-US trade and make it more competitive.

      Finally, if you have any problems for using our website, or have better advice, please kindly contact me directly, my email is [email protected], I will reply you as soon as possible! And we will take 5% of the website revenue, as a special fund to support start-up in the US. If you plan to start a company with ideas, you can contact us, and I think we may be able to help you. In addition, our company has set up an advisory group for the development of small business operations, if you encounter problems in the start-up or business process, I think we may be helpful!

                                                                                                       By Web Manager Jason.H   2019.4.25    air cargo freightbest

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