Opening chapter-the platform's first neutral electronic waybill was bor

On December 6th and 7th, the China Civil Aviation’s Neutral Electronic Waybill Platform (DAP) led by the Air Supply and Shipping Association of China was successfully launched on China Airlines’ flights G52719 and G54862. Chongqing Airport and Tianjin Airport was put into operation simultaneously as a pilot airport for a neutral electronic waybill platform.

DAP is based on international and domestic industry standards, using Internet technology construction, with portals as the entrance, and transaction management platform, waybill management platform, and clearing and settlement management platform as the main body. It provides production and operation for airlines, airport cargo stations and freight forwarders. A comprehensive service platform with fund clearing.

Zhou Dahua, the deputy general manager of China Classic E-Commerce Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Airlines, said that after the introduction of the electronic waybill, freight forwarders in the inbound and outbound link no longer need to make cumbersome paper waybills. They only need to send the waybill information to the local airport freight station and local airport through the information system in advance. After the goods actually arrive, the operators of the cargo station can quickly collect, transport and tally the goods because they have obtained the relevant goods information in advance, and the customs can also implement the release simultaneously, eliminating the need to use the scene like a paper waybill. , You must wait for the flight to land, and then perform related operations according to the attached waybill, thus greatly improving the efficiency of cargo transportation.

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China Civil Aviation Neutral Electronic Waybill System was successfully launched in China Airlines and Chongqing Airpor 

Hou Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chongqing Airport Aviation Ground Services Co., Ltd., said that the current informatization construction of my country's air supply logistics industry is relatively lagging, and there is a large gap between the actual consumer demand and the implementation of neutral electronic air waybills. significance. For Chongqing Airport, the implementation of neutral electronic air waybills is an important measure to implement the Civil Aviation Administration's promotion of aviation logistics development. It not only meets the goals of Chongqing Airport's high-quality development and construction of a smart airport, but also meets the urgent needs of industry development. As the only city in the southwestern region that is selected as an airport-type national logistics hub, Chongqing will play an active role in popularizing neutral electronic waybills and increasing the use rate of neutral electronic waybills.

China Civil Aviation Neutral Electronic Waybill System was successfully launched in China Airlines and Tianjin Airport
Sun Yu, general manager of Tianjin Airport Logistics Company, said that the neutral electronic waybill project is the foundation of my country's logistics network and the foundation for the unification, standardization and convenience of logistics big data. The neutral electronic waybill will be put into operation at Tianjin Airport and will realize logistics. The unified management of enterprise certification, authorization, security, logs, etc. provides integrated services for logistics enterprises, provides intelligent service standards for airports, provides fast and transparent information platforms for airlines, and provides effective guarantees for the safety of cargo aviation.

Review-Continue to work hard to carry out research and construction
For my country's civil aviation, the lack of an autonomous and controllable cargo clearing and settlement system has always been a top priority that hinders the healthy and rapid development of air cargo. In recent years, the China Aviation Association has continued to explore, carry out basic research, policy analysis and market research, and continue to work hard to build an air supply logistics freight integrated service platform that meets the needs of the industry.


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In May 2018, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the "Guiding Opinions of the Civil Aviation Administration on Promoting the Development of the Aviation Logistics Industry" (Civil Aviation Fa [2018] No. 48), clarifying that the China Aviation Coordination is the host department, and the Finance Department, Transportation Department, Airport Department and As a co-organizer, the China Civil Airport Association will jointly explore the construction of a neutral electronic waybill platform.

At the beginning of 2019, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Notice on Launching the Special Action for "Key Tackling Civil Aviation Service Quality in 2019"" (Bureau of Invention and Communication (2019) No. 377), which clearly made the neutral electronic waybill a key task of the Civil Aviation Administration in 2019.

In April 2021, the first batch of customers for DAP implementation will be determined. In May, the organization will complete the formulation of 12 rules. In September, the system development, joint debugging and testing, and the entire process will be sorted out. It was officially launched on December 6.


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Prospects-Enabling the high-quality development of air cargo companies
According to the development goals set by the "Guiding Opinions of the Civil Aviation Administration on Promoting the Development of the Aviation Logistics Industry", by 2025, the quality and efficiency of airport ground services will reach the international advanced level, and the service coverage of all-cargo aircraft and the utilization rate of belly hold will be greatly improved.

Facing the new situation and new requirements, the China Aviation Association is guided by serving members, serving the industry, and serving the society, and builds a high-quality, high-level business exchange and cooperation platform, so as to become a trustworthy government, inseparable enterprise, good social response, and self-determination. A top-notch social organization. Under the strong leadership of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the China Aviation Association will organize more airlines, airport cargo terminals and freight forwarding companies to actively participate, and jointly promote the full application of neutral electronic air waybills in my country's civil aviation. Continuously consolidate the basic conditions for efficient operation and management of the industry, continuously improve the level of air cargo service and industry informatization, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of my country's air cargo.