On January 12, 2019, the management of Airsupply held a Year-end summary meeting in a Villa in Nanao district Shenzhen.


Meeting was from 3:30 pm till 7:00 pm, during the meeting, we have been shared various summary reports from different departments leaders. And ECO Roger Tian  analyzed the trend of the coming year and the response policy made by our company and the development direction and goals of 3-8 years.

CEO,Roger tian.

Leaders from different departments.

Thanks for staff: Scola, Michael, Alan and all for the diner after meeting.

At 23:00pm o'clock that night, everyone in the open-air rooftop of the villa for our birthday star,vice manager Wells.

Take a break.

Its Airsupply management family portrait.

Good Luck for Airsupply.

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