It is believe that in transportation of hazardous materials such as industrial product, that carrier may inquire whether the agent has MSDS and decide whether to accept the ship or not. So this MSDS is so important that it can decide whether to receive this product or not. What is special about it? Is it related to the air transport identification?



It's the initials of the Material Safety Data Sheet, which is the chemical Safety instructions, which can be translated into chemical Safety specifications or chemical Safety Data manuals, which is the chemical and chemical properties that the chemicals producers and importers use to clarify chemicals like the PH, the flashpoint, the flammability, the reactive activity, and the possible damage to the user's health. In European countries, MSDS is also known as Safety Data sheet (SDS). However, the term MSDS is used in the United States, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries.  

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document about chemical characteristics provided by chemical production or sales enterprises to customers in accordance with legal requirements. It provides 16 items such as chemical physical and chemical parameters, ignition and explosion performance, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, emergency measures and related laws and regulations and so on.

MSDS provides a brief description of the hazards of a chemical to human health and the environment and provides information on how to safely handle, store and use the chemical. As a service provided to users, production enterprises should provide users with safety instructions for chemical commodities, so that users can understand the relevant hazards of chemicals and take the initiative to protect themselves when using them, so as to reduce occupational hazards and prevent chemical accidents. At present, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries have generally established and implemented the MSDS system, which requires manufacturers of hazardous chemicals to provide a safety manual of the product when they sell, transport or export their products.

All countries in the world, whether domestic trade or international trade, the seller must provide the product description of the legal documents. Due to the different legal documents of chemical management and trade in different countries and even states in the United States, some of them change every month, so if the MSDS provided is incorrect or the information is incomplete, they will face legal liabilities. Therefore, the writing quality of MSDS is an important symbol to measure a company's strength, image and management level.

MSDS that meet the requirements of OSHA in the United States should have the following contents

Item 1: manufacturer and contact information

Item 2: components of hazardous chemicals

Item 3: physical and chemical properties

Item 4: combustion and explosion data

Item 5: reactivity data

Item 6: health hazard data

Item 7: safe operation and usage

Item 8: protection methods

What is the relationship between MSDS and air transport identification?

MSDS is not a test report or identification report, nor is it a certification project, just a technical specification, and it has a fundamental difference with "air transport condition identification report" (air transport identification) .

First, the manufacturer can compile MSDS by itself according to product information and relevant laws and regulations. If the manufacturer does not have the talent and ability in this field, it can entrust a professional company to compile MSDS. (the air transport appraisal must be issued by a professional appraisal company recognized by civil aviation administration.)

Second, a MSDS corresponds to a product, which has no term of validity. As long as it is such a product, the MSDS can be used all the time, unless laws and regulations have changed or new risks of the product have been found, it needs to be reformulated according to new regulations or new risks. (air freight identification, however, has a validity period and is usually not used across the year.)

Thirdly, air transport appraisal can only be issued by qualified professional appraisal companies recognized by the civil aviation administration authorities of the country generally, and generally need to send samples to the appraisal company for professional testing, and then issue the appraisal report. If it is inconvenient to send samples, the professional personnel of the appraisal company shall conduct on-site inspection and then issue the appraisal report. The period of validity of appraisal report is used commonly this year, cross year hind, want to do afresh commonly.

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