November 17, 2021: Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics division of Abu Dhabi Etihad Aviation Group, has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with SPEEDCARGO, a leading logistics technology solution provider, to leverage the Singapore-based provider’s artificial intelligence (AI ) Products to improve the cargo capacity of freight forwarder china to germany on flights.

This landmark agreement makes Etihad Cargo the second airline in the world to use the Cargo EYE dimensional measurement system. Provides the best cargo space planning and utilization within a few seconds while complying with regulations and business restrictions.

"Etihad Cargo's goal is to evaluate whether the implementation of Cargo EYE and Cargo MIND can ensure a complete end-to-end process, thereby revolutionizing the air freight business," explained Martin Drew, senior vice president of sales and freight, Etihad Aviation Group. "The proof of concept will confirm whether these advanced SPEEDCARGO products can improve efficiency, productivity and return on revenue through digital technology solutions, and plan to integrate them into our operations in 2022."

CARGO EYE is developed with Microsoft's most advanced flight time sensing technology, which can capture images of incoming goods in real time, and calculate accurate dimensions based on the type, size and packaging of the goods, while seamlessly integrating the data into the existing warehouse management system. The solution also inputs data into CARGO MIND to accurately construct loading plans, monitor and promote data compliance, and identify damaged cargo to reduce potential claims.

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"Etihad Cargo is the first airline to recommend using SPEEDCARGO's new Cargo MIND airline product for early flight planning, and to create a final booking list and first-level passenger plan in the airline ecosystem," SPEEDCARGO founder and chief technology officer Dr. Suraj Nair said. "From then on, through cooperation with GHA deploying the SPEEDCARGO GHA solution, Etihad Cargo will use Cargo EYE to automatically determine cargo size and Cargo MIND-GHA products to create a loading plan that maximizes cargo capacity, thereby further maximizing cargo for each flight capacity."

Drew explained: “By maximizing cargo and ULD container configuration between flights according to internal loading rules, Etihad cargo can increase its capacity by more than 3,000 tons per year, which is equivalent to a substantial increase in revenue.”

"Another advantage of this technology is that by saving 3720 hours of manpower per month, costs are significantly controlled, leakage is minimized, and up to one-third of unloading recovery is optimized. This is achieved by automating accurate data. Receive the result of improving customer satisfaction. Customers will also benefit from high transmission costs and responsible billing, as well as faster response time to freighter charter quotes."

Etihad Cargo is prioritizing digitalization to improve competitiveness and enhance Abu Dhabi's status as an international freight center.

Drew said: "Industry estimates indicate that in the next 20 years, global aviation air supply shipping freight volume will more than double, reaching $578 billion in revenue ton-kilometres (RTK) by 2039; the industry must be ready for digitalization. Use this advantage and ensure an increase in market share."