Recently, the new crown epidemic is still severe. As the northern hemisphere enters winter, the epidemic in Europe and the United States has rebounded on a large scale, and the global economic recovery is facing greater uncertainty. Recently, the U.S. epidemic has shown a deteriorating trend. Many core indicators of the epidemic have remained high and have not been effectively improved. The future economic recovery is facing insufficient stamina. Although the traditional Shipping From China To USA shipping season is coming to an end, transportation demand continues to perform well, the fundamentals of supply and demand are stable, and the average space utilization rate of ships on the US route is close to the full load level.

The freight rates in the US West and East US routes continue to fluctuate at a relatively high level. Freight rates in Southeast Asia are also rising. The Civil Aviation Administration stopped "passenger-to-cargo", the air freight capacity was tight, and the freight rate to the United States increased!

Due to port congestion, Wan Hai Shipping previously stated that it was transferring ships from its six Asia-Western US routes to its intra-Asia routes. Zim Shipping-Zim has worked with Wan Hai to divert ships on the Asia-US West Coast route and suspend its express service to Los Angeles for at least seven weeks.

"U.S. routes have been suspended on a large scale. It is expected that sea freight will increase in December and the space will be tight. There are plans for shipments in the near future, and it is recommended to arrange in advance."