More and more chemical products need to be exported, including industrial chemical products, pharmaceutical chemical products, powder, and liquid chemical products. There are many types, but these goods are very dangerous. Today, air transport has very strict process control over its operations. 

We would like to share with you the special precautions when shipping chemicals from Shipping From China To Australia.

Specific requirements for packaging: 

At present there are generally two kinds of chemical packaging, carton packaging and barrels packaging, If use barrels packing, it is necessary to packing cargoes into pallets is required strictly in accordance with the airline's regulations. Due chemical cargoes certain danger, so the actual packing must be in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments for packaging. Only in this way can we we ensure the normal transportation of the goods. At the same time, avoid problems in the process of international air transport of chemicals.

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Specific requirements for customs declaration:

In addition to the need to provide a general declaration form, It also needs to provide a detailed description of chemical products, stating that it needs to show the molecular and structural model, composition and content, and also needs to show the exact physical properties as described above. The names of chemical products in both Chinese and English must be exactly the same as those listed in the appraisal report. Because chemical products cover a very wide range, therefore, the specific documents to be provided according to the commodity name and HS code. Finally, theuments can be submitted to the customs,and for customs clearance after the approval of the customs.

If the declared documents are incomplete, they need to be completed before normal customs declaration. The probability of chemical inspection is very high, and the inspection needs to be opened directly. If it is not possible to open the box, the export department needs to file with the customs in advance before launching the international air transport of chemical products.

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