Introducing Hong Kong airport

The Hong Kong international airport was officially opened on 6 July 1998. As the airport is located at Chek Lap Kok north of Lantau, New Territories, so it’s also named as Chek Lap Kok Air airport. The airport has 182 parking Spaces and two runways, with a length of 3800m and 24-hour all-weather operation. In a recent survey conducted by Skytrax, an independent air transport research organization, HKIA was the world's top airport for the seventh time in eight years, winning several international awards. To meet the increasing air traffic demand, HKIA is constantly adding new facilities and buildings; With the completion of various expansion projects, HKIA is developing into a passenger and cargo hub in Asia.

Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong international airport (HKIA) is the world's busiest airport, with the world's fifth largest international passenger traffic and the highest international cargo traffic. Within five hours from Hong Kong international airport, half of the world's population lives. At HKIA, there are 89 airlines providing about 750 scheduled passenger and full cargo flights per day between Hong Kong and about 150 destinations worldwide. It has been adhering to the four principles of "safety, operating efficiency, customer service andenvironment" and has been selected as the best airport in the world for more than 60 times.

Hong Kong airport

Air cargo from Hong Kong to Europe

1.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Manchester

2.Air cargo from Hong Kong to London

3.Air cargo from Hong Kong to  Paris

4.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Amsterdam

5.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Praha


Air cargo from Hong Kong to North America

1.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Los Angeles

2.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Chicago,

3.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Toronto,

4.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Mexico

North America

Air cargo from Hong Kong to Asia

1.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Riyadh

2.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Jeddah

3.Air cargo from Hong Kong to Kaieteur

4.Air cargo from Hong Kong to BANGKOK


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