Air-supply can handle air shipments for electronic cigarette, chemical products , semsitive materials and the 2345689 dangerous goods.

Classification of dangerous goods:

Class 1, flammable and explosive materials (explosives)

Class 2, compressed gas and liquefied gas,

Class 3, flammable or flammable liquid if mixed with water,

Class 4, flammable or spontaneous combustion solids,

Class 5, oxides,

Class 6,toxic substances,

Class 7, radioactive dangerous goods,

Class 8, corrosive articles,

Class 9, other dangerous goods


Expect the above eight categories of dangerous goods, The class 9 dangerous goods  are not with significant risk, but need strictly follow the packaging instruction of dangerous goods by ocean , air and trucking companies.

For example, pure battery, paint, medical powder ...Air-suppy can regular handle the shipments with right packaging instuction . Air-supply is able to accept class 2345689 dangerous goods.


The main components of cigarette oil in e-cigarettes are propylene glycol and glycerol, which are not inflammable and explosive materials, so the cigarette oil is not dangerous goods. However, electronic cigarette oil is liquid and sensitive substance, so MSDS should be provided. Shiper just need to provide picture of goods, photos of packing and MSDS before delivery.