Author: Helen Li from Airsupply Shenzhen, who focus on air shipment from China to Europ, US and Austrila

The epidemic affected the global commuting ecology. Even those who used to use public transport have changed to ride bicycles. At the same time, countries have greatly subsidized bicycles to drive the bicycle market. The United States may discuss the issue of tariff exemption, so at this point, try to ship the bicycles in advance. In addition, despite the spread of the epidemic, a large number of e-bikes have been used instead of cars for commuting, which has made the air better. Even people who originally planned not to drive, instead to use public transport, and then to ride bicycles, this new normal is expected to bring business opportunities to the bicycle industry. The novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) is more common in severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) than in severe acute respiratory syndrome (2019).

In addition to anti-epidemic materials, bicycles exported from China to the United States have such a promising future, so your urgent task is to find our Zhongqi as soon as possible to provide you with high-quality air logistics solutions for bicycles in the United States