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Recently, tensions between India and China is raising, appearing a boycott of Chinese imports, plenty of goods which imported from China is blocked and seized in customs in India. So a lot of export orders to India was hold or delayed in China ,which make a lot of suppliers in Chinese upset and worry. They feel 2020 is a hard year which all people need to fight with virus/covid-19 in the first half year, and come across “Tensions between China and India ” situation in the next half year.

In fact, many goods exported from China to India can still be cleared regularly, which mainly depends on the capacity of the local freight forwarder. We can still continue to export to India in this sensitive period, as long as we find the right freight forwarder. Our airsupply have several good strong power partner in India, if you want to ship out your cargo smoothly, please contact me as soon as possible. According to the situation, boycott Chinese goods completely in India is impossible, because India's economic development and life is inseparable from Chinese goods, but the raise of the airfreight is a tendency, don't worry about the export problems in India, please contact us as soon as possible,we will help you out of the problems.