Export from China to Australia, the logistics international freight transportation is a professional operation provided by Airsupply. Through continuous improvement and development, the one top air freight service from Hongkong China to Australia become one of the high quality service of Airsupply. Airsupply can pick up carogs from all over the China and deliver to the door in Australia.

And the one stop air freight service of Airsupply for export from China to Australia has below advantages:

1,Airsupply has made an appointment of cargo sales agent with CX airline (CATHAY PACIFIC CARGO) , CX provides direct flight service from HKG to SYD. So we –Airsupply can make guarantee for space and TT time.

2, Since We-Airsupply has made an appointment of cargo sales agent with CX airline, we can provide better rate for CX air fregiht service.

3, Airsupply has a professional customer service team, which can satify you and make you worry free.

4,We-Airsuuply cooperates with efficient and professional import and export customs brokers, and can provide you with one-stop door-to-door service.

5,We-Airsupply only can accept general cargos like electronic products, textiles, beauty equipments, but also can handle DG cargos, like pure batteries, hand sanitizer, balance car. We also can handle Convid-19 goods like masks, gloves …