Key words:Air, express, low price, time - limited

Air express -- Airport of departure -- Destination Airport (first) airlift, airlift to the destination airport, then airlift by UPSexpress --Air service--The shipper receives the goods or the shipper delivers the goods to the warehouse, the forwarder arranges the airlift to the destination airport

1. After the arrival of the goods, the designated agent is responsible for the customs clearance, customs payment, airport pick-up, warehousing, distribution and delivery. KONGJIAPAI are generally "double-clear package tax" service. Air Freight: Freight forwarders to find airline booking, responsible for cargo to the destination airport transport, after the arrival of goods can be delivered by the customer customs clearance, here it is necessary to note that each country's customs clearance requirements and costs are different, before shipment can be clear with the freight forwarder.

2. The average time limit for transportation is 6 ~ 8 days, including the Customs Declaration at the airport of departure and the customs clearance at the Destination Airport. Air Transport: Direct flights are usually limited to 24 hours, transfer flights are not limited to time, depending on where the destination is, a day or two closer to the place, further 3-12 days.

3.Logistics Tracking Air Freight: The first route air waybill number in the airline's official website, the end of the number with express delivery delivery delivery country delivery information. Air Freight: Direct flights can be found on the airline's web site using the air waybill number, transfer routes can also be found on the web site, and two / three way truck transfers can be found on the airline's web site or on the local trucking company's web site, flights can also be found on the airline's website