Key words: battery, air shipping
Air transportation is strict for the battery cargo, it required identification report if move via mainland China gate. If move via HKG gate, it required MSDS,UN38.3 and battery letter , otherwise the airline department will refuse to accept the cargo.
In recent years, accidents caused by dangerous goods such as concealment, false statement, misstatement and omission have occurred from time to time.
On 22 Jul, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 cargo plane caught fire at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. After this events, some airlines suggested suspending the transport of hazardous materials such as lithium batteries from July to September, so as to avoid potential safety hazards caused by hot cargo on the ramp.
Therefore, the battery cargo must not be conceal, misreport, false report, false report, once there is an accident, the consequences will be unimaginable.
In the following month, the air freight price will continue to rise, the space is tight, it is recommended to order early, ship out early !