Passenger plane and freighter serve as the porter of aviation freight bound, the whole world flies all over the ground, so, serve as consignor or freight forwarder do you know two have what distinction? Is really the cargo small uses the airliner, the cargo big uses the freighter? Let's go into the world of freighters and passenger planes.

Civil aircraft refer to aircraft for all non-military purposes. According to their respective purposes, civil aircraft are divided into commercial flight routes and general aviation aircraft for general aviation two categories. In a narrow sense, passenger aircraft refers to civil aviation passenger aircraft, which is a collective flight transport vehicle with larger size and larger passenger capacity, and is used for domestic and international commercial flights. Passenger aircraft also have aircraft warehouses, but due to space constraints warehouse only about 150 cubic meters, mainly used to check luggage and transport small goods.

Full freighter air cargo

Full freighter air cargo

Take cargo in the belly of the airliner

Take cargo in the belly of the airliner

Aircraft type list

Douglas DC-9, DC-8, DC-10; McDonald Douglas MD-80, MD-90, MD-11

Boeing 707, Boeing 717, Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787

L-1011 Samsung, constellation

Comet passenger plane, VC-10 passenger plane, trident passenger plane, BAC1-11 passenger plane


Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Airbus A350, Airbus A380

Ilyushin: IL-62, IL-86, IL-96

Tupolev: TU-104, TU-114, TU-154, TU-204, TU-234

JAC-40 JAC-42

Conville 880, Conville 990

Freighter refers to an aircraft specially designed to transport goods in the form of chartered or scheduled flights. A lot of main line plane have special freighter model. Such as b747-400f, b757-200f, a300-600f, a330-200f, etc., are all freighters. The whole freighter is generally designed as a cargo compartment with containerized equipment. Rollers and fixed systems are generally set in the bottom of the cargo compartment, which can be used to place pallets and containers. The largest b747-400f freighter can hold 39 pallets. The a300-600f freighter can carry 50 tons of cargo and hold 21 pallets and 23 containers.

Cargo type

1. It was a freighter when it was manufactured. Compared with the passenger plane, the cargo plane changed the original cabin into a large pass-through deck, with ball bearings above to facilitate the rolling of the goods, and limit lock pin to fix the pallets and boxes. In addition, there is a large cargo door on the left side of the fuselage, which is connected with a special elevator to load and unload goods.

2. Cargo aircraft modified from passenger aircraft. Remove the seats and service facilities, such as the kitchen, and install the necessary facilities, such as sliding rail, to become a cargo plane. At present, there are few civil aircraft specially designed for freight. Most of the freighters have been modified from retired passenger planes, such as many freighters operated by large freight companies such as fedex of the United States, UPS and DHL of Germany.

3. Passenger and cargo aircraft. The first half is for passengers and the second half is for cargo.

The difference between an airlift and a freighter

First difference:

Passenger aircraft can go small goods; Passenger plane cargo capacity is small, mainly with luggage. The freighter can take in bulk cargo. Freighter loading capacity is larger, mainly in bulk

Second Difference

Passenger plane cabin is little, small goods bulk goods can consider passenger plane;

Pallet is bigger goods suggest to go freighter.

Third difference

The design of the hatch is very different

The passenger plane has many boarding hatches and escape hatches;

Freighters are equipped with fewer boarding gates and are replaced by larger cargo doors in the front and rear sections and lower sections, which are more than 2m high and 3m wide for loading cargo.

Four difference

The mode of transportation of passenger goods is to transport the checked luggage from the terminal to the tarmac by baggage trailers, and then the luggage carrier carries the luggage onto the plane

The trailer transports the checked baggage to the work area on the tarmac, and the ground crew transports the baggage to the cargo bay.

 And the whole cabin of a freighter is used to store goods, so it is different from an airliner in terms of loading. The cargo loading of freighter is mainly carried by lift platform vehicle. After the cargo is transported to the height of the cabin door, the roller on the platform will carry the cargo into the aircraft cabin.

 In addition, freighters are mostly night flights with longer routes. For safety reasons, dangerous goods can only be transported by freighters.

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