In recent years, air freight has become increasingly common, and volume of air cargo is increasing day by day, so the status of air freight is improving daily . The development of air transport has led to the development of many other economic fields. It is the fastest growing mode of transport at present. Its development cannot be separated from its regulations. So, what are the contraband goods?

Ⅰ. Definition of contraband goods :

Contraband goods refers to those items which may endanger people's health or pollute the environment or other risks during transportation.​​​​​​​

Ⅱ. Classification of contraband goods:

1.Articles or substances that threaten the safety of air travel which may significantly endanger human health, safety or cause damage to property. Details as below:

A.Explosive: such as fireworks, detonation fuse, etc B.Gas: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, air storage cylinder (no discharge device, no recharging), lifesaver (automatically expandable), etc.; C.Flammable liquids: such as paint, gasoline, alcohol, motor oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine oil, tinder water, thinner, etc.; D.Flammable solids: self-igniting substances, substances that release flammable gases when exposed to water, such as activated carbon, titanium powder, coconut dried meat, castor products, rubber fragments, safety matches (boxes or sheets rubbed), dry white phosphorus, dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, etc. E.Oxidant and organic peroxide: such as potassium permanganate, resin preparation F.Toxic and infectious substances: such as pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, cyanide, tear gas, viruses, bacteria (both human and animal), radioactive substances; Radioisotopes used in research. G.Radioactive substances; H.Corrosion products: such as alkaline battery liquid, water-containing silver thermometer, metal mercury, barometer I.Magnetic iron, magnetic steel, etc. Magnetic material, material preservative, formaldehyde.

contraband goods

2. Any medicine. (some special drugs, such as powder drugs, etc.)

Pay attention to the differences with the health care products, solid health care products can be collected and mailed in appropriate amounts

powder drug

3. Other prohibited articles for aviation

Items such as: powder (regardless of color), liquid (no matter use what kind of packaging), the outer packing of the danger signs of goods, no national audio-visual press proof of audio and video products (including CD, VCD), table tennis, cooking oil, cutting tool, durian, with gas lighters, involving any of the concept of "arms" and "guns" goods (toys), etc.

Table tennis

Up to now, there are still many customers who do not know the goods that cannot be shipped by air. I believe that you may gain some knowledge of contraband goods in air freight through this article. I hope this article can be of some help to your future delivery.

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