Philippine Airlines has decided to add a new feature to its passenger aircraft by introducing the Airbus A350-900XWB. Such air freight planes are going to be the first ones in the Philippine Airlines and are going to be introduced on 14th July 2018. The aircraft has been planned to get transferred from the Airbus Toulouse factory. A total of 6 A350-900XWBs have been ordered by the airlines, of which 4 have been planned to get delivered this year.

This Airbus is going to have the air freight from hkg to mnl, and is scheduled to fly the route of Manila-Hong Kong between 20th July, 2018 and 31st August 2018 with the flight number - PR300/301. Starting from 30th October, the A350 900XWB will be replacing the Boeing 777 300ER and will fly the Manila-London Heathrow route. There will be one flight daily with the flight number PR 720/721. From 4th November, 2018 to 9th March, 2019 it will take the place of Boeing 777-300ER for the Manila-New York route, having the flight number as PR 126/127.

With this new addition, the Philippine Airlines will be operating between New York and Manila with no direct flight for the whole year, the flight distance being around 8000 nautical miles. The design features of the new Airbus A350-900XWB include a layout of a high-end 3-class cabin, with an overall aerodynamic design matching the modern-day trend. Its wings and fuselage are made from a composite material of carbon fiber. The Airbus has a new powerful Trent-XWB engine manufactured by Rolls Royce that gives an excellent efficiency. All these advanced features and technology boosts make the Airbus A350XWB have an operational efficiency that is much better than any other passenger carrier. The highly efficient engine provides a fuel consumption reduction of 25%, emissions reduction of 25%, as well as a significant maintenance cost reduction.

Our company has made plans to use the PR aviation for carrying goods to MNL and also from MNL to JFK-YYZ. The reason is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price. As the requirements of many customers do not include time constraint and have small volume requirements, this can prove to be a better option.

As an air freight carrier, FreightBest has come up with a schedule of 2 cargo flights from Hong Kong on every Sundays and Thursdays, mainly for carrying clothing goods. Freight Best has been concentrating on the air freight from China to USA. A great focus has been laid down by our company on the take-off of the air freight usa and freight shipping from Hong Kong to the LAX-ORD-JFK-MIA for a long term. The mainstay of the airline company is the OZ, CV and RU. The fixed quantity that shipping to U.S is between 200 to 300T per month.

This is expected to benefit the air freight from China to USA and the air freight Malaysia. The deal is also expected to prove beneficial to the overall air freight shipping. It is believed that the introduction of Airbuses in the line of aircrafts of the country has better scope for progress in the future. It will not only help to strengthen the country's economy, but also open excellent trade options. The number of Airbus aircrafts is expected to go high in the future orders as Philippine Airlines is planning to bring about a wide scale change in its passenger and cargo aircrafts business.