Once get a full set of documents from the customer, checking out the most important information from the documents: use which shipping company, how to arrange D/O. (Note: The full set of documents includes the original B/L or surrendered B/L, packing list, invoice, contract).

Attention 1:

1. Contact the shipping company or the shipping agency in advance to determine vessel arrival time. If it is the transshipment, the name of the 2nd leg should be confirmed.

2. Confirm with the shipping company or the shipping agency department in advance the exchange fee, the boxing fee, and arrange D/O time.

3. Contact the station in advance to confirm the suitcase fee, the box fee, the loading fee, and the return fee.

Attention 2:

1. There are two forms of endorsement. If the consignee column on the bill of lading displays "TO ORDER", it is endorsed by "SHIPPER": If the consignee column shows its true consignee, the consignee is required to endorse.

2. The guarantee letter is a certificate which issued by the importing party show to the shipping agent requesting the release of the goods. This guarantee letter is including POL, POD, vessel and voyage details, the bill of lading number, quantity, cargo weight, cargo measure, and the document should be with a signature of the importing party.

3. When changing the order, you should ensure the B/L data should be the same as the delivery document, especially for B/L NO. container number and seal number.

4. the bill of lading is divided into five, white delivery, blue fee bill, red expense bill, green delivery record, light green delivery record.