What is more important to you? Is it the shipping freight or the shipping time? Will sustainable economic development be a key indicator of your business? Answering these key questions can help you decide whether to ship by sea or by air. No matter what business is, the data information is definitely an important part. The choice of mode of transportation can be a complex decision, but it is also an important step in building a successful supply chain. The more information you have, the more likely your goods will arrive on time at the best possible price. But when it comes to making a decision, what practical factors should be considered?

A.By sea?

Shipping by sea is a common choice among shippers, here's why:

1.Cost: Although many factors can affect the total cost of shipping, shipping by sea generally has a lower price. Rather than air freight, which is charged on the basis of volume and gross weight, sea carriers calculate freight rates by volume or by container size (typically 20 or 40 feet). 

2.Environmental damage: Environmental protection has rapidly become the focus of global attention, and enterprises must start to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

By sea

B.By air?

Shipping by air is growing a lot day by day and gradually become the first choice for some customers even though its rate is relatively higher and the shipping volume is much smaller. Here are some reasons that why you should choose air transportation. 

1.Speed: Of course, air transportation is much faster than sea transportation. By sea, it may take up to one month for the goods to arrive at the port of destination and three days to complete the unloading at the port and sometimes even longer. Depending on the transport distance, air transport generally takes only 36 hours from start to destination. 

2.Convenience and Reliability: Shorter transport time means less worry. Typically, shipping by sea can be delayed for days, weeks or even months, while shipping by air is relatively quick. If you have air cargo delayed due to weather or other factors, you will usually be supported on alternative routes or flights within 24 hours. When the cargo is loaded on the plane, the arrival time at the destination airport is relatively easy to grasp, which makes it easier for you to coordinate the final delivery.

In addition, customs procedures and other paperwork requirements for air transport have been simplified in most countries. The process of optimizing the speed of air transport, pricing, booking space and document collection has become more straightforward and easy.

By air

C.Small tips

Generally speaking, sea transportation is most suitable for most cargoes. 1.Bulk cargo or cargo packed in irregular shape: these goods are difficult to load and unload on an aircraft. 2.Heavy cargo: weight will seriously affect the chargeable weight. 3.Products that are not subject to time or damage and loss. If the goods are relatively light and small, the price difference between sea and air freight can be reduced a little.

Choice Freight Best choose success.

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