If the packaging of goods to be exported by air freight from China, the IPPC label should be marked according to the destination country of the export. For example, if the goods are to be exported to such countries as EU, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia are packed with conifers, the packaging cases should be fumigated. The fumigation team should fumigate the container according to the case number and then mark the packaging cases with the IPPC label. (The customs declarant) should fill in a fumigation contact form showing the customer name, country, case number, use of drugs (fumigation agents), etc.→ (the fumigation team) should post the labels (in about half a day)→ fumigation (for 24 hours)→ fumigant vaporizing (for 4 hours).

The fumigation can be divided into whole container fumigation, LCL fumigation and whole case fumigation.

1. When the "IPPC" logo is not needed: directly packaging the goods after the arrival at the venue, and notifying the fumigation team to fumigate, according to the country of destination spraying different scales of fumigation agent, which includes CH3BR and PH3; if the customer has no special requirements, the CH3BR agent should be sprayed by the fumigation team and the fumigation should be carried out for 24 hours.

2. When the "IPPC" logo is needed: when the goods are delivered to the venue, the unloading location of the goods should be informed to the customs declaration broker, and the fumigation team will post the "IPPC" label at the front and back of each package, arrange the venue for packing, and carry out fumigation.

3. Fumigation of the packing cases: submitting the Inspection Declaration Form for Export Goods to the customs for inspection, and then fumigation is carried out for the packing cases specially.

LCL fumigation: those LCL goods can be put into the same container for fumigation, but the following four prerequisites should be met:

1. The same port of destination

2. The same country of destination

3. The same voyage

4. Applying for inspection at the same commodity inspection bureau

Some requirements for fumigation

1. Fumigation time: fumigation should reach 24 hours. After fumigation, the fumigation team should post the fumigation label with a sign of a skeleton on the container door. The fumigation team should not remove the label unless after 24 hours, and it should take four hours to disperse the poisonous gas before the goods are arranged to enter the port.

2. Requirements for packaging: all wooden packaging should not have barks or wormholes. Once barks are found on the wooden package, generally the customs declaration agent will help the customer shovel off the barks; if there are found wormholes, the declaration agent should notify the shipper to replace the package. If a fumigation certificate is required after fumigation, since it is used for customs clearance at the port of destination, no additional certificate should be issued after the goods leaving the port. (It is recommended that all customers be issued with this kind of certificate.)

1) The content of the label is IPPC, which is the abbreviation of the International Plant Protection Convention. Since March 1, 2005, all those goods exported to EU, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries with wooden packaging their wood packaging should be posted with a special logo of IPPC. (excl. plywood, particle board, fiberboard, etc.).

2) Only after filling out a fumigation contact form and having it to be signed by the quarantine fumigation officer, should fumigation be carried out. Otherwise the fumigation team will refuse the fumigation.

4) When filling out the inspection declaration form, if the goods are to be marked, the request should be filled in the "Remarks".

5) Import inspection: once the goods arrive at the port of destination and the bill of lading has been exchanged, import inspection and customs declaration can be applied for accordingly. All imports should be submitted for inspection

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