Air Freight and Express shipping service

Are you working behind a close-tight from either delay from suppliers or probably a pending customer request? Not to worry. We offer every of your China freight solutions with an extensive air freight solution to meet your expected target regardless of hiccups.  Our air freight offerings tentatively prioritizing needs first and offering prompt delivery. Our team at Airsupply consistently monitors regulations and operations so as not to experience delays or financial blockades. We sure are the best  hands to handle your shipment, within prompt delivery and exact products. 

Air Freight

Optimum Economy Option

For a more balanced and more time fitting requirements for a supply chain, Airsupply China air freight forwarder does have an affordable option for economy. If you have enough time on your side, we have enough time to transit the needed savings.   

  • 10+ days for transiting
  • Price-sensitive high value-to-weight cargo with non-urgent transit times
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Maximum cost saving
  • Flexible delivery process

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance covers a wide range of loses your goods that may happen in the conveyance from and to where your cargo are delivered to.

Our insurance policy is quite outstanding and basic for every cargo exchange. It limits the danger of monetary losses, and Airsupply Cargo guarantees to make this technique the most secure and most reasonable conceivable to every one of our clients.


Reasonable inclusion of your merchandise that limits financial risks brought that maybe accrued when something bad happens to your shipment.

Versatile and adaptable insurance for a carriers picked by you.

Well mapped out strategy with successful and exact goals.

An ever ready customer representative to constantly allow you access your cargo freight delivery.

Choice Freight Best choose success.

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