Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods (ICRATG) is commonly known as Air Transport Identification (ATI) or Identification, which never occurs in maritime transport. The maritime transport usually requires the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which, in fact, is not a detection or identification report or a certification program, but more like a technical specification that focuses on safe operation guidelines and has a fundamental difference from ICRATG (or ATI).

The safety requirements for air freights are much stricter than ocean freights, especially for the passenger cabin. However, what air freights in China require an air transport identification report (ATIR)?

1. Powders

An ATIR must be provided for those goods in power status, including spirulina powder and various plant extracts.

2. Chemicals

An ATIR is generally required for all kinds of chemicals, mainly including dangerous and general chemicals. The most common in air transport is the later one, that is, those can be transported as general goods with an ATIR that can verify this is a general chemical instead of a dangerous chemical.

3. Oily goods

All those of auto parts, such as engines, carburetors or oil tanks with fuel or residual fuel and camping equipment or appliances with flammable liquids, such as kerosene or gasoline are included.

4. Goods with batteries

All those of electrical equipment with batteries, electronic machines, such as grass cutters, golf carts as well as wheelchairs that might contain batteries are included.

5. Liquids, gases or those with liquids and gases

All those of instruments that might contain rectifier tubes, thermometers, barometers, pressure gages, mercury converters with mercury inside are included.

6. An ATIR is generally required for those magnetic goods.

According to the IATA902 International Air Transport Agreement, only those with the magnetic field strength at 2.1m from the measured items of less than 0.159A/m(200nT) can be transported as general goods (with a general good identification report). Those goods containing magnetic materials will produce magnetic fields in space, therefore, a safety inspection shall be conducted to ensure flight safety. The common magnetic goods include:

1) Materials

Magnetic steel, NdFeB, magnet, magnetic iron, lodestone, permanent magnet, and rare earth permanent magnet, etc.

2) Audio Equipment

Loudspeaker, receiver, buzzer, sound system, speaker, speaker box, radio, multi-speaker, microphone, earphone, headphone, interphone, mobile phone, recorder, and projector, etc.  

3) Electric machinery

Electric machine, motor, TV, electromotor, fan, solenoid valve, engine, generator, vacuum cleaner, stirrer, pump, small appliance, electric vehicle and electric fitness apparatus, etc.

4) Others

Alarm accessories, anti-theft accessories, lifter accessories, fridge magnets, alarming apparatus, compass, multimeter, laser magnetic head, magnetic health care products, processed magnetic products, electronic dictionary, doorbell and reduction gearbox, etc. 

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