In modern logistics industry, the application of air transportation is extensive. Air transportation has already been an indispensable and important transportation method in logistics, for its uniqueness is incomparable than other transportation methods. In actual air transportation, is there anything we need to pay attention to? The following introduction could be the reference.

1. Concept of transportation

Air transportation has incomparable advantages that other transportation methods cannot match, which are fast shipping speed, safe and accurate transportation, and saving costs by simplifying packaging.

It’s true that the freight of air transportation is relatively higher, but, for large-sized and light goods, it is advantageous to use air transportation. Furthermore, the freight threshold of air transportation is low and the delivery is fast and punctual, so small-sized, fresh, seasonal or valuable goods are suitable for air transportation.

2. Methods of transportation

The major methods of air transportation include scheduled airline, chartered carrier and consolidation.

A.Scheduled airline

Scheduled airline indicates the airplanes with fixed departure time, air routes, and docking terminals. They usually are passenger-cargo combination carriers. The cargo hold capacity is relatively small and the freight is relatively expensive. However, due to the fixed schedule, it is suitable for customers to transport fresh goods or urgent goods.

B.Chartered carrier

Chartered carrier indicates that the airline companies lease the entire airplanes to one or several consignors or air transportation agencies at agreed terms and rates, and collect goods from one or several terminals and deliver them to the designated destination. Charter transportation is suitable for bulk cargo transportation with lower rate but longer delivery time than scheduled airline.


Consolidation can adopt either transportation method of scheduled airline or chartered carrier. It indicates that the air transportation agencies gather a number of separate cargos and ship them as a whole batch. The cargos are sent to the same destination with a shared waybill, and distributed to each actual consignee by local agencies. This type of consignment can reduce freight costs, and it is one of the major business of air transportation agency.

3. Procedure of transportation

1、Cargo consignment

Items needed to be specified: consigner, consignee, port of shipment, port of destination, number of packages, gross weight, volume and weight of cargos, and product names both in Chinese and English.

2、Booking cargo space according to the customer's request

3、Safety inspection

The security inspection machines have fixed operation standards for chemical, magnetic, oil-containing, motor, and battery-sensitive goods. They can be shipped successfully in accordance with the standards.

4、Pallet build-up of air transportation

5、Accompanying documents

Including accompanying Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin (to certify the place of origin of the cargos) and Inspection Certificate of Fumigation.

6、Document delivery

7、Cargo state inquiry

8Account checking and billing

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