Chemicals are a kind of dangerous goods, and more and more chemicals are being exported by air freight from China. The air transport of chemicals has very strict operational process because chemicals are inherently dangerous.

Ⅰ.Dangerous Goods Packaging Requirements

Chemicals are usually packed in cartons and barrels. If the goods are packed in barrels, it need to be decided whether to pack them into pallets or not according to the requirements of the airline.  

.Customs Declaration

In addition to the general declaration data, the general chemical information is also needed, including: It must show the chemicals’ molecular formula, structural formula and composition content; It should display the same physical properties as in the testimonial; The product names of the Chinese and English must be exactly the same as the words in the testimonial. And because the range of chemicals is so wide that what other documents need to be provided depends on the product’s name and HS. What documents need to be provided should be provided, and finally these documents shall be provided to the customs for approval. Only after the approval of the customs can submit documents for declaration. If the documents are not complete, the customs declaration can only be carried out after the documents are completed. There is a high probability that chemicals will be inspected and unpacked. If the box cannot be opened, the export enterprise shall put on record at the customs in advance.

Ⅲ.Cargo Handover

Some documentation is required for chemical export delivery by air.

  1. Original certificate of goods transportation conditions, used for air signature.
  2. Transportation safety guarantee letter for chemical goods.
  3. Certification of non-hazardous chemicals.

Ⅳ.Power of Attorney

When the manufacturer and the application unit are inconsistent, the power of attorney must be issued. Chemical goods must be labeled with shipping marks: the Chinese and English product names on the shipping marks must be exactly the same as the Chinese and English product names on the cover of the certificate of goods transport conditions, without any differences in letters or symbols;The full name and address of the manufacturer must also be displayed. The production unit's original official seal must be stamped on the shipping marks.

Spot delivery may be subject to spot checks during security inspections. Security staff will call the previously reserved 24-hour number to inquire about the goods, so the telephone should be kept open during the delivery period.

In addition, the delivery in the old freight station may encounter the sampling inspection by the chemical research institute. If the result of sampling inspection is qualified, it will be released immediately and a notice of sampling inspection result will be issued. If the result is unqualified or not available immediately, it will be brought back to the headquarters for further inspection. It should be noted that the box of some chemical products cannot be unpacked, or the chemicals will fail after opening the packaging. If the box cannot be opened, it will be asked to shut out Therefore, before the operation, make sure whether the box can be opened and select the suitable flight in time.

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