Can batteries be sent to USA from China through air freight? What are the requirements? Can lithium batteries for electrocars be delivered to USA from China? How about sending batteries for cameras and mobile phones to USA from China? If such batteries can be shipped to USA from China, what are the prices and requirements on battery packaging and other matters?

Air cargo of batteries from China to USA

It is known to all that it’s hard to transport batteries. Many domestic express companies reject delivering pure batteries. Therefore, many Chinese companies are unable to handle pure batteries worldwide. Only a few freight forwarders in China can handle the international cargo of pure batteries and many of them limit the power of batteries below 100W. Such batteries will not be sent to USA if the power is above 100W. Let tell you: No, some batteries can still be shipped to USA through air freight even if their power is above 100W. What are the requirements for sending batteries to USA from China?

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In our daily life, we will frequently use some electronic products with batteries or supporting batteries, such as powerbanks, mobile phone batteries, mobile phones, iPads, laptops, MP4, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth sound equipment, watches, aircraft toys, handheld game consoles, some testing instruments, balance scooters, and mini-scooters. However, the international air cargo of such products is a difficult issue worldwide, and they are restricted even delivered within China. They can be transported through automobiles only, and many air transportation express companies reject such products with internal batteries or cells. Can we ship these electronic products to overseas areas through air cargo? can perform the international air cargo of products with batteries or pure batteries to the countries including USA, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia from China, and products with batteries can be shipped from China to places worldwide through air freight. Specific packages are not required for products such as mobile phones and watches, for ordinary packages and bubble bags can meet relevant requirements. The packing requirements for pure batteries shall be followed if pure batteries are transported.

Air cargo of batteries from China to USA

The international air cargo requirements for pure batteries are as follows:

1. All unlabelled lithium batteries, dry batteries, balance scooter batteries, and powerbanks with power lower than 100W and independent package are accepted.

2. The description on the invoice: Battery. And the parameter for the battery in the invoice shall be no larger than 100W.

3. Counterfeit or OEM products are not accepted. Please select our Express Europe UPS-pure battery price B for such products. (A fine as high as RMB 1,000/shipment will be levied if the shipment is inspected! Please be aware of it.)

4. Goods from any remote area will not be accepted, and they will be returned if the bill indicates the area is remote.

5. Flexible batteries are not accepted. Please send your pictures for confirming shipments and prices if other batteries or ones with uncertain packages need to be transported.

Sending battery packs to overseas areas

Packing requirements: (The carton shall not be loose)

1、The “box in box” package may not be used for lithium batteries. However, each battery shall be equipped with anti-electrostatic package or foam bag package before being placed into a carton; one battery shall be contained in such anti-electrostatic package or foam bag package only. The maximum weight for one piece is 25kg. The order can be shipped directly if it has other accessories.

2、No limit on the models of batteries is made. The external box shall be clean and strong, and the lugs shall not be cut off. Yellow gummed paper shall not be used. In addition, one side shall be not less than 2/3 of an A4-sized paper.

3、Cellular interlayer or compressed package shall be used for dry batteries, and the package for lithium batteries can be used as well.

4、External box package: Yellow gummed paper shall not be used and the lugs cannot be cut off. The carton must be strong, standard, and clean.

Hope that these advices can be helpful. You can leave your comment if you have better advices for all of us!

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